Monday, October 19, 2009


--for Ellen Kort

Over the wires,
lay on the muscle of batting,
fibers soft yet strong.
Tuck in a scrap of wishes and hopes.
Fold on a skin of resilient fabric
smooth and young or wrinkled with age.
Mold it to the form
with tiny stitches, cell to cell.
Carve her features in soft clay.
Be gentle and kind with her eyes
and don’t forget tears.
Soothe her mouth with loving words.
Open her ears for sympathy.
Style her hair with abandon;
black, brown, yellow, red or gray.
Array her in garments shot with gold,
embellish them with beads that
sparkle and bells that ring.
Cup her hands to fit a child’s cheek,
a lover’s heart and
a dear friend’s need.
Give her strong feet to travel
the needed miles and
bear what life throws her way.

Her heart’s in the hands
that made her,
in every wire and fiber,
every stitch and snip,
on the scrap of wish-paper
nestled inside,
in the clay and fabric,
beads and bells.
Spirit heart of the maker,
wishful hands
quickened with
hope and joy.
The beautiful hands
that fashioned her,
bathed in laughter
and tears,
put her heart
into every moment of

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