Wednesday, August 19, 2009

SCUBA Fantasy

SCUBA Fantasy
…from the Weekly World News

Finning along the reef
in the turquoise sea
she luxuriates in the silken
flow of salt water over her skin.

Streams of silver bubbles
mark her trail.
Red shrimp, blue parrotfish,
yellow jacks, purple crabs
play hide and seek,
alternately predator and prey.

In the distance a dark shape
grows from the abyss.
One by one fish and critters
disappear as if by magic.

Through gin-clear water she
sees the glittering red orange
snout of the giant seahorse
sipping a reef fish dinner.
Its black-pearl eye turns her way,
considering dessert.


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  1. I have been following your other blog and began to read older posts and low and behold, you have been to Robin's class at the Clearing! It truly is a small world. I went about two years ago two years in a row..I can't recall whose blog I got you from...but I am so happy to have found you. Liked your altered book...I've done that too!